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Create a unique list of words found in a selected field to identify frequently used words.

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System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Want to see which key words occur most often within a data set? This App creates a unique list of words found in a selected field including each occurrence within the database. Words are automatically converted to uppercase with special characters removed and the most frequently used words appear at the top to help you focus on key words of interest. Results are stored in a subfolder, separate from the input databases, making them easier to find. The Word List Maker App offers the ability to tag data in subfolders for easy access to analyze. This App pairs well with the Looping Search App for developing a list of key words to search within large data sets.


How it Works

The Word List Maker App analyzes a tagged field, separated out by spaces, to create a unique list of words found in a field. The App helps “normalize” data by converting words to uppercase and removing special characters, keeping only alphanumeric characters. A summarization is performed on the data to keep only the unique list of words and count the number of occurrences found in the file for each word.


The final database is stored by the count, and moved to a subfolder which is flagged for easy identification. The database contains the word and a count of how many times each word occurred. You can use IDEA’s search feature to extract specific words or records.


Immediately ready


One can run Word List Maker with no option settings at all. By default, it will count all words two characters or greater in length, and it will convert any special characters to spaces. If these behaviors are undesired, or if the user wishes to submit a list of words to omit from the list produced, the Options Dialog can be utilized. Using this dialog, the user can enter words in the value textbox one at a time and click the green check button to form a list of words to omit. The user can then click the save button to save this list to a file if the user wishes. The file can then be loaded later using the open file button.


This can be useful when creating multiple lists across multiple databases to conveniently omit from any list common words such as “the”, “and”, and “for”, for example. In fact, Omit Words will accept any text files (.txt extension) that contain lists of words with one word per line, not just those it creates.



Note: This app requires an English IDEA Version and a computer with an English operating system as well as English or American region and language settings.

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