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Visualization of actual purchasing processes with process mining.


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Excl. 19% VAT
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System Requirements
IDEA 10.1, 10.2 and higher

The IDEA app Process Mining P2P Extended uses the process mining technology to dissect and analyze the purchase-to-pay activities of a company. Purchase-to-pay processes are examined, visualized and analyzed on the basis of SAP® data to make the actual processes as transparent as possible. The app supports up to 20 million events, i.e. individual activities of a purchase order item in a purchasing process.


You will be guided through the app via a workflow, which you can open by clicking the Start task on the SmartAnalyzer ribbon.


The Data Requests for SmartExporter included in the app contain all the required tables and fields. The filters for company code(s), fiscal year(s) and plant(s) can be used to restrict the data to be extracted.


The extracted data can then be imported using a Standard Import Routine. Digital footprints of purchase order items are identified and automatically processed into an activities log, which is available to the user as an IDEA database.


The app contains a read-only license of the Celonis® Process Mining Single User Desktop Edition, where the actual processes are visualized on the basis of the activities log for further exploratory research or predefined analyses.


Main app content:

  • SAP®-specific Data Requests, which can be run using SmartExporter
  • Data Request document with an SAP®-specific description of the data to be analyzed
  • The extracted SAP® data are imported and prepared taking into consideration organizational levels in SAP® (e.g. company code, fiscal year, plant etc.) and identifiers contained in the data, e.g. for entry of goods receipt etc.
  • An activities log containing common purchase activities is automatically created
  • Visual representation of actual purchase-to-pay processes using the process mining technology
  • Predefined analyses and graphical evaluations of parts of the purchase-to-pay process


You can use the Standard Import Routine of this app only if you have extracted the data using SmartExporter.

SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP SE, Walldorf, Germany.
Celonis® is a registered trademark of Celonis SE, Munich, Germany.

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