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Search one or multiple fields using a list of key words or wildcard fragments to quickly identify fraud.

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System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Need to search large databases for specific words or phrases, but don’t have time to perform individual searches? The Looping Search App conducts multiple searches at a time across single or multiple fields using keywords or wildcard fragments contained in a second file. Results are ordered from highest to lowest based on hit rate to quickly identify potential fraud or infractions. The App automatically creates a subfolder to store the database with the final results, which is flagged to make it easier to find. The Looping Search offers the ability to tag data in subfolder for easy access to analyze. This App is highly effective for P-card and T&E audits.


How it Works

The Looping Search App identifies specified key words in a table or large database to help identify potential red flags, such as the purchases made at unapproved merchants. The user tags fields for two databases. One contains a list of key words, usually a table or Excel file with one field listing all words of interest, and the second table contains the data to be searched. Dialog boxes assist you in every step required for testing. Search terms are not case sensitive. You can search 1, 2 or 3 columns within a database. The App creates a folder within your Project with the results, which can be summarized and prepared for further investigation.



This app could be used to search for occurrences of prohibited search terms in visited URLs or specific items in a list of inventory or purchases, for example. To begin, ensure there is a table that contains the search terms. The following is a sample of what will be searched for in this example:


This is a sample of the data to be searched in:


Clicking on the test in Smart Analyzer reveals the two sets of tags required:


The main file (Looping Search which identifies the words to search for) must be tagged first. “File to Search Within” may be tagged afterwards. The nature of this test makes it one of the lengthier ones in terms of run-time, but in time a folder will appear in the current project’s File Explorer pane titled “Looping Search Results.” In it will be found a file called “Looping Search – Records Found” with a date/time stamp.

This app requires an English IDEA Version.

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