IS Multi File Import

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Import multiple files in just one pass.


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Excl. 19% VAT
*Minimum usage tent space from the conclusion by the end of the following year. Multipart settlement, pro rata to the first calculation of the current year, then Yearlong sequence calculation beginning of every year.
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System Requirements
IDEA 10 and higher

The IS Multi File Import allows you to import multiple files into IDEA in just one pass.  The application will handle all the most common IDEA file types such as dBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Print Report, EBCDIC, Text Fixed Length, Text Delimited and XML.


The application also adds on additional features that could be useful when importing a file such as including the file name in a field, including the record number in a field and automatically generating field statistics.


The application also allows you to import one or all the worksheets in an Excel spreadsheet and one or all the tables in an Access database.
For file types that need an import definition, these files need to be all in the same format and use the same import definition that needs to be defined before starting the import.


This application is great for when you have multiple files to import as you can perform this operation in one pass instead of having to import each file individually, using this application will be a huge time saver.


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