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Controls for duly keeping and retaining accounting books (GoBD)


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System Requirements
IDEA 10.3, 10.4 and higher

The IDEA app GoBD provides users with a toolkit to create a set of controls allowing them to check for compliance with the principles of duly keeping and retaining accounting books (GoBD), which are an essential element of every Tax Compliance Management System (TCMS). Users are also supported in creating the required documentation to describe the process of implementing and applying the controls.


The main purpose of the IDEA app GoBD is that users can select a set of controls which enables them to quickly, efficiently and adequately monitor their accounting records by means of data analysis on a monthly basis.


The app provides a workflow to help you get started.


Using the IDEA app GoBD, you can analyze master and transaction data deriving from financial accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable.


The app contains numerous Standard Import Routines which are tailor-made for common ERP systems and accounting programs and which facilitate and automate the import of data. The imported data are prepared according to an intuitive data model, whose basic structure was developed as an international standard by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and which Audicon adapted and augmented taking into account German legislation, particularly in the field of taxation. This makes it easy to trace the findings identified by the app to accounting entry level.


With regard to procedure documentation, the IDEA app GoBD offers the following:


  • A document with a predefined structure which can be used as a template to describe the user’s TCMS and which gives an example of how the set of controls defined in the app can be integrated into a non-complex TCMS.
  • Further documents on control level which have a predefined structure, provide suggestions on how to handle the control results and can be used as a guideline for implementing the controls in a company.
  • Specially designed result databases with editable fields which enable users to select a status and enter a comment.
  • An automated report to document the results of the controls that have been executed.
IDEA Server is not supported.

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