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Audit tests for analyzing the general ledger and subledgers

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*Minimum usage tent space from the conclusion by the end of the following year. Multipart settlement, pro rata to the first calculation of the current year, then Yearlong sequence calculation beginning of every year.
System Requirements
IDEA 9.1, 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and higher

The Financial (FIN) app comprises a collection of audit tests for the analysis of the General Ledger and several important subledgers. The app enables you to perform standard evaluations and to run specific audit tests to detect issues.

This app is FIPS compliant. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) are standards which are constituted by the National Computer Systems Laboratory (NCSL) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These standards make sure that the requirements concerning IT products and IT systems for use at US federal agencies etc. are complied with.


Minimum requirement:

IDEA version 10.3


Main app content:

  • General Ledger:
    • Summaries by account, period, journal sources
    • List of account combinations in use 
    • Identification of missing journal entries
    • List of unusual journal entries 
    • List of transactions at unusual times 
  • Accounts Receivable:
    • Summary by debtors
    • Analyses considering the approved credit limit
    • Aging
  • Accounts Payable:
    • Summary by creditors
    • Analyses considering the approved credit limit
    • Aging
    • Transactions by user
  • Fixed Assets:
    • Standard evaluations
    • Recalculation of depreciation
  • Inventory:
    • Aging
    • Calculation of key figures
    • Plausibility checks
  • In all areas:
    • Generic description of the data required for analysis
    • Consideration of materiality
    • Duplicate detection


To analyze data from an SAP system, you can combine this app with the Financial - SAP Data Requests and Import app. This contains an SAP-specific Data Request for the Financial app as well as the corresponding import and data preparation.

SAP is a registered trademark of SAP SE, Walldorf, Germany.

Benefits of the Financial app:

The Financial app is addressed to auditors who want to increase the profitability of their audits and respond efficiently to growing regulatory requirements.


  • The Financial app provides users with a standard set of automatic audit tests in every year-end audit – from journal entry tests to analytical procedures. This allows the use of data analysis to be standardized and reproduced in every audit.
  • Optimal integration in the audit cycle ensures that data analysis replaces conventional procedures and does not just fall under the category of “nice-to-have.”
  • Reproducibility of the audits ensures uniform and high audit quality in all year-end audits.
  • The audit tests are itemized in a process-oriented logical structure by audit phases.
  • The Financial app makes users independent of different accounting systems and their system-based evaluations.
  • With the aid of the application, journal entry tests required by the International Standards on Auditing (ISA 240.32 and ISA 240.A43) can be quickly and easily performed.

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