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Easily export multiple IDEA databases into separate worksheets in Excel and automatically name each sheet.

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System Requirements
IDEA 9.1.1, 9.2, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and higher

Forget the tedious process of exporting IDEA databases one at a time into Excel. This App easily exports multiple IDEA databases into separate worksheets in Excel and automatically names each sheet based on the IDEA database name. Export one, all, or any combination of IDEA databases in the IDEA Project folder to a new or existing Excel file without copy-and-paste steps. The process of creating new files or appending to existing ones is straightforward using familiar standard Windows dialog boxes. The Excel Export Utility now has the ability to export databases contained in subfolders of the IDEA Project folder. This App is especially useful for preparing results for electronic working papers or reports.

How it Works

The Excel Export Utility App will display every IDEA file in the current project folder (what can be seen in the File Explorer pane from within IDEA, including the first level of subfolders) and allow the export of any or all of the files into a brand new Excel file, or append them into an existing file of either .xlsx or .xls type. Option buttons ease the selection of these files. Export can occur on a single file, a few selected through lists or a range of files given by the user to avoid selecting dozens one by one.



This app simply takes the current inventory of tables available in the project folder and exports the selection to an existing or new Excel file. For example, take the following population:


The Excel Export Utility app requires no tagging so clicking on the input for it will automatically produce the following:


From here, one can customize the export as needed. The top section (step one) is dedicated to selecting which files to perform the export on. As can be seen from the screenshot, files can be isolated one at a time by shifting each from the left population to the right. Also, the files themselves are numbered sequentially and those numbers can be used to form ranges. For example, only the first file may be wanted, then files four through nine, and end with the thirteenth file (1,4-9,13).


The bottom section (step two) is dedicated to specifying the output file. Selecting a file is very straightforward. A navigation window will appear requesting the file based on .xlsx or .xls extension (located on the bottom right of the navigation window). If you choose to create a new file instead, simply type in a name and select a directory to export to. The current project’s Exports.ILB folder will be used if it’s left blank.

  • Microsoft Excel 2010/2013

  • This app requires an English IDEA Version.

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